Vicario Dragoncello Tarragon Liqueur .750L South Carolina


Estate grown and harvested by hand artichoke leaves from our family owned farm in Cortona Italy, aged in oak and finished in South Carolina, create an extremely interesting liqueur. As with all Vicario liqueurs, there is no caramelized sugar nor color additives, just fresh herbs and spices, aged to perfection. Artichoke leaves bring a floral, and grassy flavor that dissipates into a persuasive bitterness in this deeply delightful liqueur.

Prepared for the acute enthusiast Vicario Black Labeled Liqueurs appease even those very persistent palates.

The herb, known to many as French Tarragon, has been cultivated from Ancient Greeks to Thomas Jefferson as it was known for its healing properties for the stomach and liver. 

Improved immensely by ageing, this exotic liqueur redolent of spices, faint traces of anise and licorice, scented and aromatic, never coy but enticing, is well served after a meal or alongside biscotti or ice creams, and can be used in fine patisserie baking.