Tanduay Silver Asian Rum 1.0L Philippines


Created thousands of years ago in the pristine volcanic soils and pure waters of the philippines, the sugarcane that is at the heart of tanduay asian rum is a direct descendant of the original and heritage asian noble and ancestral wild canes. it is this ancient lineage that makes tanduay the original asian rum. The story of rum begins with the story of sugarcane, born in the ancient Far East. Early references to a “honey bearing reed” show the crop originating in Asia sometime near 6,000 BC. As early as 4,000 B.C. it had found root in the Philippines, where it flourished in the rich, volcanic soils and perfectly suited weather conditions of the lush, tropical countryside. Hundreds of generations later, it is the modern offshoots of these ancient canes that are used to make TANDUAY. In the centuries that followed, conquerors and explorers began to carry this new treasure back home from their journeys to Far Eastern lands. While Alexander the Great is said to have introduced sugar to the Mediterranean nations around 300 B.C., it was Marco Polo-the inveterate explorer who did much to introduce Europeans to Asia-who recognized sugarcane’s immense potential as a commodity for trade. His exposure began the incredible, worldwide growth of this tropical crop. Sugarcane thrives in rich soil, gentle breezes and long warm rains. The Philippines, with its humid, subtropical climate, provides a perfect terroir-a unique blend of soil and atmospheric conditions-for the special canes that give TANDUAY Asian Rum its distinctive character.

Color: Light straw. Indicative of the remaining flavor Nose: Smooth toasted sugar nose, clean with a hint of spice Taste: Generous but quite elegant flavors, hints of coconut and custard Body: Silky texture with a lightly off-dry medium body Finish: Round, smooth finish with subtle tea tannins