Segals Cabernet Merlot Galilee Heights .750L Kosher Israel


The Segal's Special Reserve Cabernet/Merlot offers impeccable balance and uncompromising quality. The Cabernet Sauvignon contributes elegant and dark notes of currant and licorice, while the Merlot offers generous, mellow raspberry and chocolate. Together, these varietals join in a velvety texture you can lose yourself in for hours, preferably with grilled meat or Neapolitan-style pizza.

Full flavored meats or cheeses.

In 1925, Yankel Hirsh Segal and his family emigrated to Israel and settled in Tel Aviv. Brothers Elhanan and Yehezkel established Israel’s first distillery in the German colony known as Sharona, or Kirya, in Tel Aviv. Their experience and reputation led them, in the 1930s, to be asked by the French rulers to set up distilleries in Beirut and Damascus. In 1954 the family decided to concentrate on wine production. The winery moved to Ramle, and was called the Zvi Vineyard. The name was later changed to Segal Wines. All the winery’s bottles bear the Segal wine logo, reproduced in Zvi Hirsh’s own handwriting. In 2001,Segal’s was bought out by the Barkan Group. The new management recognized the quality and tradition of Segal’s wines, and allowed it to be managed as an independent winery, with separate cinders and installations and it’s own unique production process. Winemaker Avi Feldstein is a former poet, journalist and barman. He first started out as a tour guide, later becoming a professional manager in charge of development. Avi had the best training possible for becoming a winemaker, learning everything in the vineyards from experienced winemaking veterans.