Qunita Cruz Graciano Bokisch Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountain California .750L USA


Graciano is a Spanish grape variety that is grown primarily in Rioja and is very rare in the New World. It is a low-yielding, aromatic, and intensely flavored variety that typically provides a deep core of fruit, spice, aromatics and acidity.

The wines of Rioja are primarily composed of Tempranillo, with some Garnacha (Grenache), and sometimes a small percentage of Graciano. Even in Spain, it is very, very rarely bottled as a single varietal.

Bokisch Vineyards is located in the Sacramento Valley between Sacramento and Lodi. Markus Bokisch is of Spanish heritage and grows a number of Spanish varieties in his vineyards. This is rare situation where someone is growing varieties appropriate for California’s central valley rather than trying to stick Cabernet or even Chardonnay in a region with a hot climate. Graciano is known for maintaining great acidity, even in very hot weather.

So what kind of foods should you pair this wine with? Well, you probably wouldn’t go too wrong if you approached it like it was a spicy Rhone wine. Sauces with aromatic spices and things from the grill come to mind.

We hope you enjoy this very rare and unusual variety.