Mas de Victor Rosada .750L Rioja Spain

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"Más de Víctor" is the name of one of the most recognized brands of Manzanos Wines. We came up with this brand a few years ago in the UK, one of our most important markets. Our main customers were very satisfied with our wines, and they were increasingly asking for more brands from Víctor Fernández de Manzanos winery. In response to this request, and after much consideration, it was decided that the name to represent the brand would be "More from Victor", a name just for itself says everything.

Víctor Fernández de Manzanos, owner and current CEO has managed to grow Manzanos Wines family business progressive and steadily since he took office, being the internationalization of the winery one of its main objectives. Thanks to its philosophy based on the principle of respect for others and his ability of connecting with people, he was able to understand the expectations and interests of these customers who no longer just came from UK but from the whole world, achieving this way a great success for his wines.