Manga Junmai Sake .720L Japan


Manga sake is a high quality easy to drink sake originating from the birthplace of sake in Japan and produced by a famous and highly respected Japanese sake brewer dating from the 19th century Meiji era.

Manga sake expresses what Japan is about in its most well known pop art from, Manga.

Though a word originally used solely in Japan to describe the art of illustrated comics and cartooning, this term has been popularized globally in many languages to mean either Japanese comics originating from Japan, either in the original or translation.

Made of two Chinese characters, the word means « impromptu sketches » and the term was seen as early as 18th century, including one by ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. But it wasn’t until nearly a century later that Rakuten Kitazawa, a editorial cartoonist and comic strip artist in the late Meiji to era Showa eras, used the term in the more modern sense that many know it today. Many historians consider him to the godfather of modern manga.

The term manga is far more diverse than the more global version of « Japanese comics » though. In fact, « manga » refers to all kinds of cartooning, comics, and even animation on television and the big screen. In essence thought, it has become a « pop art » form with a very sophisticated background.