Leidag 19 Yrs. Marsala Finish Isle Of Mull Single Malt .750L Scotland


The Ledaig 19 year old is a fine single malt from the Islay of Mull Distillery.  Pre-dried peated Barley is married with naturally peat infused water from the Distillery’s own well. The then distilled spirit was matured in superior wood casks before being decanted into quality Marsala Wine Casks for final finish.

Established in 1798, ours is the only distillery on Mull and one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. It is unique, not just because of its idyllic location, but because it produces two different, but equally alluring, single malts: the fruity, unpeated Tobermory and the more robust and smoky Ledaig. Centuries have passed, but our uncompromising tradition, dedication and devotion remain. It is always a privilege to welcome new friends to our distillery and share our world with them. We would urge anyone who has not experienced the sublime beauty of Mull to come and visit our island.