La Spinetta Vermentino .750L TuscanyItaly


In order to make great wines, a fervent philosophy regarding work in both the vineyards and winery is essential, but most of all... - one must be willing to work hard Our Vineyards 90% of the work we do at La Spinetta is in the vineyards, with just 10% in the cellar. The vast majority of our efforts at LA SPINETTA are dedicated to the vineyards, which are treated with the utmost care, attention and respect, particularly in regards to agronomic practices and production quantities. We utilize no, or the absolute minimum possible amount of chemicals and maintain a relatively small production (only 17-20 hl (3.1-3.3 tons) per hectare). We appreciate that our vineyards have been in existence long before LA SPINETTA began making wine and we are aware that these same vineyards will outlast us. Not having inherited our land through generations of winemakers, our vineyards were carefully selected. All of our vineyards face south, south-east or south-west and most od the vines are quite old (35-65 years). We believe that only vines of substantial age are able to contribute minerality, longevity, complexity, and the particular characteristics of a distinct terrain to the wine. We use the younger vines in the production to only make three wines: Barbera Ca di Pian, Langhe Nebbiolo and Il Nero di Casanova. All other wines are made from old vine grapes. In the vineyard, each plant receives extensive year-round care. The yields are kept extremely low and we do not use chemical products, fertilizers or pesticides. 75% of the vineyards are worked accoring to biodynamic principles.