Domaine de Bachellery Pinot Noir .750L Pays d'Oc France


The estate Bachellery is situated alongside the ancient Via Domitia Romana, in the heart of the Languedoc area in the South of France, facing the Mediterranean sea. The Béziers’ region has been an area of agriculture since ancient times, producing wheat, vine and olive trees.

The Domaine de Bachellery is a very old estate, listed in the city’s records since the Middle Ages. Jacques de Bachelier, the Président of the Royal Court of justice of Béziers, settled with his family in 1548 in this beautiful XV century fortress and gave his name the Domaine. His only daughter, Soeur Jacquette de Bachelier, founded a charity monastic order and when she died, leaving all her possessions to the Church, Bachellery became the property of the powerful Priory of Cassan, like its neighbor Cabrials. It belonged to the Church until the French Revolution, then was bought by rich families from the region.

The Domaine has built up the reputation of its wines throughout the years. As an anecdote, in the XIX century, the Provencal poet Frédéric Mistral, when visiting Béziers, used to stay at Bachellery and particularly appreciated the Tokay wine of the Domaine. He writes quite a nice poem describing Bachellery’s wine as “un beau et fringant jeune homme” (a pleasant and dashing young man)...