Bunnahabhain Scotch 12 Years .750l Islay Single Malt Scotland

This entry level Bunnahabhain bottling comes in a redesigned bottle. This 12 year old is lightly peated for an Islay single malt and consequently is a light, fresh dram. Now at the higher strength of 46.3% - for more complexity and flavor.

Whisky Advocate

  The new version, at a higher proof and not chill-filtered. That helped--especially on the palate--with greater texture and more well-defined flavors. But the flavors are essentially the same: nutty, toffee, light molasses, vanilla fudge, with delicate fruit (citrus, dark berries) and a hint of brine. Very comforting. Extra points for versatility--this whisky will accommodate many moods and situations. (JH, Spring 2011) 

Wine Spectator

  A refreshing malt, notable for its transition from a slightly austere nose of olive oil, seaweed and a whiff of peat to a glamorous palate of honey candy and spice. Finishes rather quickly with aromatic spices. Non-chill filtered. Natural color. (JB, OD)   (2/2011)

Bunnahabhain is a mellow, delicate and highly individual malt whisky. It owes much of its character to its water source, the clear Margadale spring, and to the distillery's proximity to the sea on the edge of the Sound of Islay. It is the most northern of all the Islay distilleries. The 12 Year is golden in color. The nose is remarkably fresh, sweet, with hints of sea air. A lighter body malt, but with good weight, it usually runs about 10ppm in regards to its phenol content. The palate is very gentle and clean, with a nutty-malty sweetness. A nice full-flavored finish.