Black Dirt Rye .750L New York


BLACK DIRT takes its name from the dark, fertile soil left by an ancient glacial lake that once covered Thousands of acres of upstate New York. Perfectly suited for growing crops such as corn.

BLACK DIRT Rye is distilled from 100% NY rye grown in upstate New York.  The mash bill consists of 90% Rye and 10% malted rye.  100 proof with a dark amber color.  The whiskey is complex offering pronounced notes of caramel, rye spice with a chocolate and malt finish.  A great sipping rye and exceptional when mixed n cocktails.

  • Batch #01
    Released 4/01/18
    Aged a minimum of 3 1/2 years new charred American Oak
    Char level 3
    Distilled from:
    90% NY grown Rye
    10% Malted Rye