Sanson Gran Vino Antonio Barcelo 750L Spain


Very dark amber. Aroma: Powerful and very complex, mixing soft hints (caramel), spicy with highlights of licorice, anise, and included hints of tea and roasting. Taste: Powerful and generous, very consequent with the nose, the finish is very persistent.
Hijos de Antonio Barceló is a Centenary Bodega of Spain, winemakers and cultivators of quality since 1876. From the very beginning back in Málaga, H.A. Barceló has built up a prestigious reputation for the quality of our wines, specially crafted from start to finish for the development of international brands.
Sanson Is a highly versatile beverage that can be consumed at many time during the day as a cocktail or by itself. Sanson is also a “secret” ingredient in a whole range of desserts and savory dishes.