Oct 9th to Oct 16th
  1. TANQUERAY GIN 1.75LT    $ 27.99
  2. BRUGAL WHITE RUM 1.75L  $ 33.99
  3. SOBIESKI POLISH VODKA 1.75L  $ 21.99
  5. MAKER'S MARK BOURBON 1.75L $ 54.99
To all present and future customers:
How to make Cabrini Wines and Spirits the best Wine and Spirits shop that it can be.
Accumulate a portfolio of unique wines and spirits that will offer great value to our customers. Check
Knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to help if help is needed. Check
Offer a quantity discount (10% off on 3 bottle wine purchase) (15% off on 6 bottle wine purchase). Check
Implement a successful and lucrative Reward points program on top of the discount. Check
Always make improvements to our on line presence and social media. Follow us on Instagram - Cabriniwinesspirits- and Facebook Cabrini.wines and get the latest news. Check
Pre-package monthly six packs at a great price and a showcase for what our wine buyer likes. Check
Build a very interactive web site. "We bring the store to your door." Just sign in and fill your cart! Check
Take in a boiler room kitten and make her the store mascot for children and adults alike to visit. Check
After all these improvements we sat around the wine chiller, contemplated over a couple of bottles of wine, and came up with our next move to get us even further than our above stated goal.
(Drums rolling)
A weekly blast of great SPECIALS at reduced prices. We are talking about major brands. Specials will run for 7 days, then the following week we'll do a different batch.   Be ready to save some more money with Cabrini Wines & Spirits. Get interactive with us so you are up to date on all our specials and offerings.
We will send an e-mail, be all over social media (please sign up), and we'll post it on our web site.
                                         OUR WEB SITE
Thank you all for your support. We could not have done it without you.
           The friendly staff of Cabrini Wines & Spirits
                                                            Moira Carroll