Asahi Shuzo (Yamaguchi), Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo Sake 300ml Japan


A prize-winning product, this saké has a graceful aroma and a well - rounded flavor. Many regard it as a "perfect" saké.

Milling Rate: 50% Alcohol: 15.5% Rice: Yamadanishiki Sake Meter Value: +3 Acidity: 1.5

We have slowly, gently, and carefully changed much about the way we exist and brew, change that has been inspired partly by our own crises and difficult times.And we have emerged with more focus and resolve to create sake like no other.

Over the past few years we have adapted our methods and our brewery to be able to brew year round, something all but unheard of in the sake industry. This permits us to brew our sake in a steady, even flow and rhythm that minimizes variables, allowing us to focus on the details even more.

Details that include labor-intensive hand crafted methods that have been proven over centuries to yield better sake. Details that include the most modern technology applied in the right measure, in the right places. Details that include using only the finest of materials like rice and ideal yeast.