Auther Riesling .750 Alsace France


This wine has a very mineral character but avoids any oily notes. It is marked by a pleasant and well ripened acidity. Elegant, this riesling is a pleasant wine.

Domaine Catherine Auther is a 25 acre, family owned estate where the utmost attention is paid tot he work in the vineyard in order to guarantee the best quality wines. For centuries this swath of land roughly 15 miles wide has been bandied about by conquering armies, spoils of war like any other. This violent fluctuation, as Jancis Robinson puts it, creates an ambivalence amongst the people towards their winemaking. Neither wholly German nor wholly French, but a blissful combination of both, the wines of Alsace when optimally realized are unique gems in the pantheon of wines. Varietals tend towards the Germanic types, while the winemaking sense is much more French in nature, veering more to a dry style. Unlike most of France, however, Alsace producers usually place the varietal name clearly on the front of their bottles.